Our culture today is digital and detached, often times seeking social justice for themselves and others through electronic means while at the same time hiding their own hurts and suffering.

Most often those around us will not risk the judgements of peers in face-to-face conversation, but may venture to ask questions and reveal thoughts through electronic anonymity.

This is where ASK. began.

The driving purpose of ASK. is to provide a safe means by which individuals may do just that…enjoy a listening ear, and/or receive compassionate Biblical responses to their questions and thoughts in a manner that would allow them to remain anonymous.

Grace Church is extending an invitation via digital, print, and billboard media, for our community to simply ASK. any question, state any opinion, or request any insight, by text or email, from a team of dedicated responders.

At Grace Church we deeply desire to make a difference in our community and for those that are hurting, they might not step through the doors of a church, but through ASK. we have an opportunity to help.


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