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Getting to the Root

If you listened to my sermon a few weeks ago you already know all about my water line situation and all the digging that I did to try to fix… Read More

The Battle is NOT Yours

2 Chronicles 20 As we as a nation and world enter into a time of great uncertainty and growing fear, let’s look to THE WORD of GOD for instruction as… Read More


One of my favorite books of the Bible is Psalms. It is a book of poetic songs addressing a huge variety of topics, emotions, and circumstances that all point to… Read More

Gift of Time

On this first Wednesday of no Grace Kid’s ministries, I want to reach out to you to share my thoughts. I know we are all thinking this is… Read More

Prayer - Wisdom & Direction

Several years ago, I was drifting in my prayer life. I felt like I was half rambling and half window shopping. I was trying to pray, but I didn’t really… Read More