Daniel Brown, Commended to The Word

Commended to The Word or CTW is an extension ministry of The Coastlands, Aptos Foursquare Church, located near Santa Cruz, California. CTW was founded by Daniel Brown during his 22-year tenure as senior pastor, and has continue to expanded after Daniel stepped aside from leading the church to focus exclusively on developing resources to mentor believers in spiritual leadership.

The expression “Commended to The Word” comes from Acts 20:32. Paul commends spiritual leaders “to God and to the word of His grace which is able to build you up and to give you the [kingdom] inheritance. CTW  materials are unabashedly based on the Bible, and they focus mostly on increasing the believer’s maturity, ministry and discernment. Daniel is a pastor to pastors. Our ongoing support of Daniel Brown sends him to all corners of the earth to strengthen and encourage missionaries and pastors. For more information visit ctw.coastlands.org

Student Mobilization, Kelsey Strauss

Student Mobilization (STUMO) began as a dream to reach and mobilize college students with a missions statement “to build laborers for Christ from the college campuses of the world.” They have a passion to build up student laborers into future leaders. The students of today will be tomorrow’s business men and women, church leaders, missionaries, educators, community leaders and parents. They desire is to equip them to live for Christ wherever they may go. For more information visit stumo.org