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Sunday, November 22, 2020

Session 3: Story Defended

Tim May

Lead Pastor

Every story has purpose in God’s Kingdom and every story should point to Jesus, no matter who our audience is. Additionally, what we don’t quite realize often is that each story we share of God’s grace in our lives is also a crushing blow to the enemy of our faith in the spiritual world.

This Sunday, Pastor Tim continues his series “Tell Your Grace Story” and shares how we each, through the love and grace of Jesus, are lethal to the enemy of man.

Engagement Questions:

1) What are other places of “blindness” where you still need healing? Share one or two with a trusted friend spend some time praying about these together.

2) What are your thoughts on Revelation 12:10-11? Have you given much thought to the power of your grace story to defeat the enemy? How might the telling of your story push back darkness in someone’s life this week?  


Scripture Reference



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