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Sunday, November 29, 2020

Session 4: Story Unending

Tim May

Lead Pastor

In this fourth and final installment in Pastor Tim’s “Tell Your Grace Story” series he focuses on the fact that even though our stories point to Jesus, and have incredible spiritual power, they are still being written. God has much more to do for, and with, each of us and we have to continue to look to HIM for his love, grace, and mercy.

Engagement Questions:

1) Share about a time where God powerfully demonstrated his love for you. Did you recognize it was Him in the moment? When did you realize He was working? Take a few moments to thank the Lord for His love.

2) In what area of your life do you need Jesus to show up and reveal Himself freshly to you? Have your confessed your “blindness?” If so, how do you think He’s asking you to respond to Him now? 


Scripture Reference

There are currently no scripture references for this sermon.


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