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Sunday, October 11, 2020

Session 8: Spirit-Dependent

Tim May

Lead Pastor

Often in the world we live in, to be dependent on anyone is viewed as a sign of weakness. Kids dependent on their parents or employees dependent on their paychecks. However to show dependency in the Kingdom of God is a sign of true strength.

King David was a great leader of the nation of Israel and he knew when to “strengthen himself in the Lord his God” and not to rely on his knowledge or wisdom of the world.

Pastor Tim turns to 1 Samuel, chapter 30, to show us how King David responded when all the women were taken captive and how he turned to the Lord for his strength.

Engagement Questions:

  1. Do you tend to see “dependency” as a positive or negative thing? Why? How does David’s behavior at Ziklag cause you to think of dependency differently?

  2. What is your default reaction to challenging situations? Is it to rely on your experiences, your intelligence, or something else? What would choosing the path of dependency look like in your life now?


Scripture Reference

1 Samuel


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