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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Session Two - Lordship Realities

Tim May

Lead Pastor

Through the course of John chapter 6 we see a slow change that occurs through the narrative. Initially Jesus was popular, there was plenty of food for all, and the message he shared had a deep impact on those who heard it. Then towards the end, the teaching was more challenging and food wasn’t as abundant. This resulted in many of Christ’s followers leaving him!

This often is like church for us today. The initial revelation of Christ as our Savior — we receive his forgiveness, we are cleansed, and we have a new hope and future. But as our walk continues in our faith, we often find ourselves being challenged and corrected by our Lord in many things and we often aren’t willing to give up or change some (or most) of those things.

This Sunday Pastor Tim, walks us through the text and shows us how, even then, many people had difficulties accepting the Lordship of Jesus.

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