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Dr. Daniel Brown

Speaker & Author

Daniel Brown, known as “friend” to Foursquare pastors and national leaders throughout the world, Daniel is one of the most personable, yet provocative, leaders in the international Foursquare family. He gleans thought-provoking as well as practical treasures from the Bible, and expounds them with humor, animation and enthusiasm. His insights about discipleship, church leadership and Spirit-empowered ministry, coupled with his unassuming manner, make him a sought-after speaker around the world.

Daniel has authored four books and numerous articles, but he is best-known for the sorts of resources that help local church leaders excel in their spiritual assignment. Though always engaging and entertaining, his presentations are intently biblical, and Daniel laces everything he says with paraphrased, quoted or summarized scripture. Daniel’s unique approach to most subjects makes him well-recognized as an “out-of-the-box” thinker with a distinctive, conversational and decidedly non-religious style. He makes complex concepts simple to understand, and his humor enables people to grapple with both the toughest and the most sensitive topics. Inevitably, he makes everyone rethink what they know.

Daniel served five years on the pastoral ministry team at The Church on the Way under Pastor Jack Hayford. In December 1984, his family was sent out by Pastor Jack with a small company of collegians and young singles to pioneer a church near Santa Cruz, California. There he planted The Coastlands, serving as Senior Pastor for 22 years.

Daniel’s passion to raise people up and send them out is evidenced by the over 37 teams he has released to pioneer new churches throughout the United States and Western Europe, the more than one dozen couples sent from the church to assume pastoral leadership roles in other congregations, as well as The Coastlands’ highly effective cell group ministry. Additionally, six of his associate pastors have stepped into senior pastor positions, including the young man Daniel Brown discipled to replace him as senior leader at The Coastlands beginning in 2007.

Today, Daniel heads up Commended to The Word and travels the globe teaching leaders and encouraging them to “go for it” in God. His simple mission statement: “Love, mend, train and send people into more ministry than they would think to do on their own.”

Daniel and Pamela have been married since 1973 and they have four children and 13 grandchildren.