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Sundays: 9:00 & 10:45am | (417) 887-5625

Guest Speaker Sermons

22 Part Series

Series Description


Sam Rockwell

Foursquare Gateway District Supervisor

Carey Higgins

Missionary in Residence

John Shober

Festus Negumbo

National Leader of the Foursquare Churches in Namibia

Bradley & Markee Hebden

Thrive Directors

Dr. Daniel Brown

Speaker & Author

John Rusk

Larry Spousta

Foursquare National Pastor

Rocky Whatule

Comedian, Evangelist, Sensei

David Messner

Guest Speaker

Dan Parker

Facility Team Leader

Xavier Adriaanse

National Leader of Foursquare South African churches

Hannah Vale

NextGen Pastor

Melanie Wilke

Weller Campus Pastor/Outreach Director

George & Joyce Butron

Missionaries to South East Asia

Scripture Reference

Jeremiah, 2 Timothy, Matthew, James, John, Philippians, Revelation, Exodus, Isaiah, Job, Psalms, Genesis, Romans, Luke, Acts,


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