At Grace Kids we believe that children are an inheritance from the Lord and so our goal is clear: we are to be stewards and caretakers of the kids that God has blessed our ministry with. Jesus said to his disciples when they thought he was getting irritated, “Let the children come to me.” This shows us that Jesus believed that the Kingdom of heaven isn’t just for “older” people, but for kids too!!

Here at Grace Kids, we have developed a ministry that doesn’t take the job away from parents and guardians, but a relational partnership with parents and guardians to help make, and grow, disciples. Our aim every Sunday is to provide a safe, fun, and Christ-centered environment that is age-appropriate for each child where they are loved, taken care of, and shown every week that they are valued and precious in Jesus’ sight, and ours as well.

It is a privilege and honor to serve you and your precious children!

Grace Kids meet every Sunday, during both 9 & 10:30am services. We have the children separated into age appropriate classrooms so that they can meet new friends and better learn together!

Our teachers, helpers, and Grace Kids support staff are committed followers of Christ and are background checked before entering a classroom.