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Grace Stories

God's grace continues to show us who we are—in Him!

Pastor Jack Gilbert

Throughout his cancer diagnosis and treatment earlier this year, Pastor Jack faced intense fear. Through it all, however, he felt the Lord telling him: “Be still and know that I… Read More

Karl Schreiber

Our plan is not God’s plan. Although we often think if He just does it our way, it would be better. But He sees the bigger picture and not only… Read More

Amy May

Hiding in the background may work out in the world, but the Lord can, and will, make space for you – especially if it brings healing to your life!… Read More

Luke Studer

Ever heard the phrase, “you don’t know till you try it?” Luke Studer shares with us his journey into journaling and how at first it didn’t seem like something that… Read More

Warren Satterfield

For most of us, we may not realize it, but we have everything we need. It just takes a moment for us to realize it. Warren shares with us… Read More

Heather Moore

God’s glory is in everything and every part of who we are — and in everything that happens to US! Heather reminds us that seeing things with his heart,… Read More

Janiece Struble

We know that God has the plan, but it’s challenging for us to have to wait for His plan to unfold. Janiece shares with us a plan that was placed… Read More

Dane Moore

Prayer is more than just praising God, or bringing your needs to the Lord. There is true power in prayer as we follow, listen, learn, and act as the Holy… Read More

Shannon Brashear

To let go of circumstances is very difficult for us (people) to do, especially if it has to do with your job! That’s your livelihood! Shannon shares with us a… Read More

Manny Nemeti

Manny’s story is one of determination, faith, and trust in God’s promises as he learns his prayer language and receives the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Read More

Jerry McGee

Jerry’s story reminds us that God’s faithfulness towards us is far greater than anything we can “promise” Him. Read More

Cindy Stone, Father's Day

This Father’s Day, Cindy Stone shares with us how important it is to look up to our Heavenly Father. Read More

Chris Knudsen

Dr. Chris Knudsen shares how following that prompting of the Holy Spirit can lead to confirmation and healing. Read More

Jackie Hawks

As a graduate student, Jackie heard from a friend that the Bible was the answer to everything, but she didn’t believe it. Then she decided to read it …… Read More

Liz Kemper

As a parent, it’s scary when you have to make difficult decisions that involve your kids. Especially when those decisions can change the course of the rest of their lives. Read More

Lauren Knudsen

Lauren shares how forgiving someone, especially when it’s something that happened a while ago and REALLY hurt, can be the hardest thing to do. However, when we speak the words,… Read More

Don Jones

As a young adult, Don Jones was excited to get the newest car on the lot. The one he saved up for! But, he quickly realized that he never invited… Read More

Ben Sissel

Ben shares a story about overwhelming anger and how it leads to mistakes. But a loving embrace, from an unexpected place, reminds him that God’s love will never fail. Read More

Grace Story Collection

Grace Stories are the testimonies of how God we have seen God’s hand in our lives. Sometimes it’s something so simple to others, yet so profound to us; and other… Read More

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