Our Story

Grace Church began as Grace Chapel in March 1986, when Richard and Becki Casteel, along with a team moved from Arizona to start a new church in the area. The goal was to start a church that would be a nonreligious expression of Jesus. The ministry of Grace Chapel began in a storefront at 1948 South Stewart Street. Grace Chapel was pastored by John and Becky Rusk and Richard and Jeanie Tow from 1987 until 2006. In January, 2006, the Foursquare leadership contacted Jay and Heather Bean and asked them to become the Lead Pastors of Grace Chapel. The name of the church was modified to Grace Church in July of 2016.

God has done some amazing things since 2006! Grace Church has grown by hundreds of people. The outreach and missions ministries of the church have continued to grow and thrive! We have focused on Springfield and providing a safe place for the dechurched (those that love the Lord, but are tired of the “church”) to be restored and fulfill their purpose. Grace Church has planted 5 churches, sent out missionaries, pastors, leaders and chaplains.

People often describe Grace Church as a friendly and authentic place to build relationships, grow closer to the Lord and be empowered for ministry to others. Some significant characteristics about Grace Church are passion for missions, lots of kids, multigenerational and being Spirit filled and authentic!

Come and be a part of the story God is telling through Grace Church! Let your story be a part of our story!