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Sunday, April 18, 2021

The Need for the Spirit

Tim May

Lead Pastor

In the story of the woman at the well, Jesus showed us many ways on how to share the gospel with both relational sensitivity and creative, yet truthful communication.

In this final session looking at John chapter 4, Pastor Tim shows us how the Holy Spirit doesn’t play a side part or secondary role in someone hearing or responding to the gospel. Everything we do in Christ, everything we experience in Christ is facilitated by the Spirit of God.

Engagement Questions

  1. Have you ever considered that Jesus ministered on earth as a perfect human, perfectly submitted to the work and leading the Holy Spirit? How does this influence the way you view what is “possible” in your life and the lives of others who are Christ-followers?
  2. While we need to have “spiritual” conversations with others, we also need to have “supernatural” ones. This requires us surrendering to and being filled with the Holy Spirit. Is this something you have experienced? If so, describe what a Spirit-filled life has been like for you. If not, how does the idea of being “filled by the Holy Spirit” strike you? Are you excited or unsettled? Why?

Scripture Reference

There are currently no scripture references for this sermon.


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